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Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Ferrari Testarossa Black

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-New color appeared in TLV Ferrari car
● '80s 12-cylinder flagship car
● Engine hood opening and closing, engine reproduction!

The Testarossa, which went into production in 1984, was well-received for its distinctive side fins and rear louver style that allows you to see the air flow, and became an icon of the 1980s.
Following a minor change around 1987, the center-lock type wheel was changed to 5 holes, and the side mirrors installed at a high position were also lowered.
TLV-NEO reproduces this late model.

At TLV-NEO, Testarossa and 512TR are deployed at the same time. At first glance, the change in the front mask is noticeable, but the shape of the engine hood and the shape of the engine itself have also changed, so you can enjoy it more deeply when comparing the two cars.
This time, the black body, which was also a popular color in the actual car, is reproduced. Also pay attention to the contrast with the red interior.