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Tomica Limited Vintage Neo '91 Nissan 180SX TYPE-Ⅱ White

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-180SX, which has many strong fans, is now available in a new mold!
● Commercialized with standard body color
● Medium-term type, which is rare in 1/64 miniature cars

The 180SX, which appeared in 1989 as a brother car of the S13 type Silvia
that attracted a lot of attention with its appearance, was different from
the Silvia in that it had the same retractable headlights and hatchback
body as the American specification car 240SX,
and initially only turbo cars. It was supported by charm.
With a minor change in 1991, the displacement was expanded
from 1800 to 2000cc, the appearance was also changed centering
on the front mask, and production continued even after Silvia
changed to the S14 type. It received a major change again in
1996 and was finally sold until 1999. It is one that has a strong
fan base even now, more than 30 years after its release.
TLV-NEO has commercialized 180SX with a completely new mold,
and will first develop it from the so-called medium-term model after 1991.
It is a specification that is equipped with an optional
package and special selection featuring front and rear spoilers, etc.
in addition to the high-grade TYPE-II.
Of course, the wheels and bumpers are reproduced with a design
exclusively for the medium-term model. The body colors are the standard
black and white. Please add 180SX, which is rare in 1/64 scale
miniature cars, to your collection.