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1/64 Tomica Limited Vintage Neo LV-N305 a Nismo 400R Yellow

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Tomica Limited Vintage NEO
LV-N305a NISMO 400R (Yellow)

  • Commercialization of NISMO's complete car
  • Entirely different body design from the normal car
  • Pay attention to the precision around the headlights

Based on the BCNR33 Skyline GT-R, NISMO introduced the complete car NISMO 400R in 1995. The engine, named RB-X GT2, was expanded to 2.8 liters and tuned up to 400 horsepower with an N1 race-use metal turbine, the origin of the car's name. Naturally, the body and suspension were extensively modified to pursue the enjoyment of handling high power with ease. Although it was announced as a limited production of 99 units at the time, it is said that the actual number produced was even less.

In TLV-NEO, the NISMO 400R will be commercialized with completely new molds. Featuring unique over-fenders, a specially shaped hood, front and rear bumpers, and more, the body is entirely different from the normal Skyline GT-R. Wheels and seats are also crafted to match the shape of the 400R. Please appreciate the NISMO 400R, a special presence even in the highly regarded BCNR33 series.

Scale: 1/64
Vehicle Release Era: 1990s
Automaker: Nissan
Licensed for productization by the copyright holder

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