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Tomica 1/64 LV-N284b Toyota Corolla Levin 2 Door Lime (Red) 84

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Introducing the TOMICA LIMITED VINTAGE NEO LV-N284b Toyota Corolla Levin 2 Door Lime (Red) '84! Celebrate the 40th anniversary of the AE85/86 Levin with us! This 2-door model dares to stand out, and its rarity is truly remarkable. The Toyota Corolla/Sprinter has gained worldwide popularity as one of the finest mass-produced cars. In the past, the Levin/Treno name was reserved for sports models equipped with DOHC engines, but with the introduction of the AE85/86 series in 1983, Levin/Treno became a general term for 2-door and 3-door body styles.


The AE85/86 series, which remained in production until 1987, was the final rear-wheel drive model and continues to be highly sought after even today. To mark the 40th anniversary of the AE85/86 series, TLV-NEO proudly presents a brand-new 2-door Levin model, created from scratch. The 2-door body was popular in rally and dirt racing due to its excellent rigidity, and it was chosen as the successor to the previous generation's 2-door hardtop for its stylish appeal. This edition features the top-of-the-line GT-APEX model with a DOHC engine, as well as the rare "Lime" grade, which was designed for an enjoyable and easy driving experience in the AE85 model. Pay attention to the distinct differences in the interior and exterior atmosphere between the different grades.