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Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon GT (Black / Gray)

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● Planning to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the first birth
● The driving force behind the '90s wagon boom
● Pay attention to details such as roof rails

2019 was the 30th anniversary of the birth of the Subaru Legacy. As the name of "Traditional Material" suggests, the first Legacy was a new model that brought together the technologies of Subaru passenger cars up to that point, including a horizontally opposed engine. In particular, the touring wagon has become a historic presence, with only station wagons that do not have commercial vehicle specifications, and initially only 4WD for all cars, but on the contrary it differentiated from other cars. Recorded a big hit. Involving other manufacturers, it became an indispensable movement when talking about Japanese cars in the 1990s called the wagon boom.

TLV-NEO will commercialize the late model of the first Legacy Touring Wagon. The late model appeared in 1991. The design of the front mask etc. has been changed. We have reproduced the GT that boasted 200PS, a high-power specification that triggered the popular explosion of wagons. The GT was added in the middle of the previous model, and it is the model that best represents the character of Subaru cars up to the present, that it can run at high speed with peace of mind regardless of the weather. Also pay attention to the bonnet with an intercooler duct, which indicates that it is a turbo car. TLV will also develop other grades, so please look forward to it.