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Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Ferrari F355 Berlinetta (Grey)

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● Still popular '90s Ferrari
-Reproduce the details of the medium-term type
● The engine hood can be opened and closed!

The F355 Berlinetta, which debuted in 1994, has new technologies such as a 5-valve V8 engine that was first adopted, an under tray on the underside of the body that pursues aerodynamic characteristics, beautiful body styling that can be said to be classic now, and a semi that was added in the middle. The modern equipment represented by AT "F1 Matic" is attractive. It is still very popular as one of the achievements of the midship V8 Ferrari that has continued since the 1970s.

TLV-NEO has commercialized the F355 Berlinetta mid-term model this time. The rear engine hood is openable to reproduce a 3.5-liter V8 engine. It is a calm combination with the interior of the edge in gray metallic. Also pay attention to the reproduction around the complicated window.

* The front license plate is a user-installed part.