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Para64 1/64 1984 Toyota Celica Supra Alpine Rallye White

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 "I remember the 80's, I was there..." *draws puff from vape*

It was a strange and special time, when excess was not tempered by surveillance, a combination we may never see again. The brilliance of 80's fluorescent neon sportswear, the abundance of gold coloured everything and the visual loudness was never fully captured, at least on film. In automaker land with the oil crisis gone, manufacturers were back in gear with even BMW stuffing a V16 engine into a 7 series for fun.

For those who could not afford a Testarossa but still wanted a performance coupe, the market was rich with choice. American, German and Japanese automakers (e.g. Nissan, Audi, Mustang et al) all had genuinely attractive offerings each with their strengths and idiosyncrasies.

The Toyota A60 Celica Supra (or Celica XX in Japan) remains to this day a standout icon from this time, selling a 115K cars from 1982 to 1986. It maintained the rear wheel drive / 4 seat coupe configuration of the previous generation Supra, but in a modernised package as a mass-produced everyday sports vehicle.
Motoring press of the time showed their approval with Motor Trends awarding it International Car of the Year award in '82 on its introduction, and Car and Driver magazine voting it in their 10 Best Cars in '83 and '84.

Like many cars of it's genre it bears pop up lights, angular bodywork and integral mudguards. We have chosen to present this icon of the 80's together with its rear sunshade and flared fenders.