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Tomica Limited Vintage Neo LV-N229a Idemitsu MOTION Mugen Civic

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● Popular Group A specifications!
-Many exclusive parts!
● Also pay attention to the coloring of details!

The EF Honda Civic, called the "Grand Civic,"
has participated in the All Japan Touring Car
Championship (JTC) Class 3 since 1988, which was
contested by the Group A standard. Since 1990,
the base model has been changed to the EF9 type
after minor changes, and a new technology
VTEC engine has been adopted to further
improve its capabilities. Among them, the
Idemitsu MOTION Mugen Civic run by Mugen
(currently M-TEC) won the class 3 championship
in 1991 and is still a popular vehicle.
TLV-NEO is developing the normal specification
EF Civic as a product, but this time we will
develop the Group A specification. Not only
the exterior of wheels and large spoilers,
but also the interior with roll cages are
reproduced as much as possible. It looks
very different from the normal car. The heat
of JTC class 3 at that time, which was only heating,
is revived on the desk.
* The roof antenna is a user-installed part.