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Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Toyota Chaser Avante G (Silver)

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● Persistently popular X100 series chaser
● Luxury grade Avante G
● Also pay attention to optional parts

A chaser that has been given the sportiest character of the Mark II three brothers. Among them, the X100 series, which appeared in 1996, was characterized by clearly emphasizing running, such as a shorter overhang than other brothers. Later, he participated in motor sports such as JTCC, and after the end of production, it is loved as a base for drift cars. Two grades have been set, a "tourer" type that emphasizes sportiness and a luxury "Avante" type. Among them, Avante G was located in the highest grade.

TLV-NEO's X100 series chaser developed Tourer V in 2020 and was very well received, but this time Avante G will be released. Reproduce the grill and interior exclusively for Avante. Due to the synergistic effect with the coloring, there is a sense of luxury even if it becomes 1/64 scale. Reproduce the appearance of wearing the mesh type wheel set as an option. The sunroof visor is reproduced with user-installed parts, so please install it to your liking. Let's add one of the representative '90s sedans, which is still very popular, to the collection.

* The sunroof visor is a user-installed part.