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Tomica Limited Vintage Toyota Mark II 2.5 Grande G (Gray)

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● 80 series Mark II boasting overwhelming sales volume
● The famous cars of the '90s are popular these days!
-The 6th generation with few miniature cars!

Looking back on the cars of the early Heisei era, the Toyota Mark II is indispensable. The 6th generation X80 series, which debuted in 1988 (Showa 63), attracted a great deal of attention due to the high-grade content that matched the times and the appearance of influential rivals. Due to the tax change in 1989, it became easier to obtain luxury cars, and in the minor change in 1990, a 2500cc engine, which is one class higher, was newly developed and introduced. The number of units sold in the same year was more than 300,000 a year. The life of the X80 series was a great reflection of the world.

This time, we commercialized 2.5 Grande G, a high-end hardtop grade since 1990. The genuine aluminum wheels are reproduced on the large bumper unique to the late model, and the Mark II that filled the city in the early '90s is revived so that it becomes a part of the scenery of Japan.
There are two body colors, one is white, which is synonymous with Mark II, and the other is gray metallic, which is often seen in other than white.
The Mark II is a big hit model, and many people have deep memories of the actual car. Please have it!