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1/64 Tomica Limited Vintage Neo LV-N281b Subaru Impreza Pure Sports Wagon WRX STi Version V (Gray) 98

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-New specifications for the popular Impreza
-Commercialize the late model of the wagon
-Reproduce the details of Ver.V

The first Subaru Impreza was born in 1992. The strongest model WRX, which was set for participation in the WRC (World Rally Championship), was initially set only for sedans, but was added to wagons in 1993. Furthermore, from 1994, the WRX STi version created by Subaru Technica International (STi) was added, and it will continue to evolve year by year. In 1999, it reached the final version VI. The first generation was a long-lived model, lasting about eight years until the full model change in the following year.

TLV-NEO will add new specifications to the first-generation Impreza sports wagon, which was released in November 2022 and received great popularity. This time, the 1998 WRX STi version V is reproduced. The shape of the front spoiler and wheels has been changed to the shape of version V. Also pay attention to the popular white and gray metallic body colors.

*The roof rail is a user-installed part.