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1/64 Tomica Limited Vintage Neo LV-N282b NISSAN SKYLINE 4 DOOR HT GTS TWINCAM 24V (BLACK/SILVER) 1986

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*box has some wear, see last photo*
●The 7th generation R31 type 4-door hardtop is here!
●Creating differences by grade
- Perennially popular 80's car

The 7th generation Skyline (R31 type), which appeared in 1985, was the first Skyline equipped with an RB engine, a newly developed HICAS (4WS), and other technological advancements, as well as a newly set 4-door hardtop body. It became a model change with power, such as the interior and exterior, which is the center. As a result, it caused a great deal of controversy and led to the revival of the GT-R with the R32 model.

TLV-NEO will commercialize the R31 Skyline 4-door hardtop with a new mold. The actual car underwent a major change in 1987, but this time we will develop two types of the previous model. There are two types: the GT Passage, which had a luxurious image when it first debuted, and the GTS, which emphasized the sports image added the following year. Please collect one that remains in the history of Skyline.