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Para64 1/64 1985 Toyota MR2 MK1 Super White

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Imagine my surprise. Google, Bing or Baidu - searches from these all-seeing eyes turned up nothing in my search for the 1:64 Toyota MR2 Mk1, at least in the detail we expect today.

How could the Mk2’s and Mk3’s have been made leaving out one of the most iconic 2 seaters of the mid 80’s which started it all? The instantly recognisable slab sided wedge with a truncated pyramid for a cabin is essential reading in any model car library. Pop up lights complete the look.

Presented in Tokyo 1983 as the SV-3 concept car, it won approval from everyone and their dog, allowing Toyota to proceed to production with the design intact. Today the 2022 fuel price surge brings back memories of the late 1970’s from which the MR2 concept was born, which meant that it to be economical, reliable as well as a great driving experience to survive. It proved an extraordinary success by providing a metric ton of drivable fun whilst weighing less than that. Placing the engine in the middle and forgetting about luxuries like luggage and children (hence Midship Runabout 2 seater or MR2) means that no-one who has driven one forgets it.
PARA64 is proud to present the 1985 Mk1 AW11, recognisable with Optimus Prime’s face for the alloys, the single side intake and the rear mud flaps. The first release will have the hardtop with sunroof and closed pop up lights, in the highly popular colours Super White and Super Red. Our usual separate parts for lights, rolling wheels and precision panel gaps complete the package. Shipping July 2022.