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Tomica Limited Vintage Honda City Turbo 1982 (Blue)

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● City Turbo, a symbol of the 1980s, is now available
-Reproduce the optional aluminum wheels!
● It's fun to combine with #car snap

The first Honda City that appeared in 1981 with a catch phrase "City is full of news". The epoch-making "Tallboy" package that effectively utilizes the short interior space by raising the roof height and allowing the occupants to sit upright, and the unique style that covers it and the humorous commercials have made it explosively popular since its release. Even now, 40 years later, it has been handed down as a symbol of the 1980s. The following year, in 1982, a city turbo was added to support the boys racer movement that started at that time. With a comical body style and a power of 100 horsepower, which is nearly 1.5 times that of a normal car, it outperformed even a high-end sporty car.

In the TLV-NEO series, a city turbo has appeared with a new mold. The impressive body shape, the front grill of the turbo car, and the characteristic fender mirror (user-installed parts) are reproduced. Two colors are available, starting with black, which is the original image color of the turbo. The HYPER TURBO character sticker, which was set as an option at that time, was printed on the rear window. Please pay attention to future variations such as body shape. You can also enjoy it in combination with the separately sold GeoColle 64 # Car Snap.

* The fender mirror is a user-installed part.