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Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Honda City Cabriolet 1984 Light Blue

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-City open model appeared
● The body color is pop light blue
● # It's fun to combine with a car snap

The first Honda City, which dominated the world with its tall style and humorous commercials. Since its introduction in 1981, we have added many popular variations such as Turbo and Turbo II every year, but in 1984, the open body cabriolet was introduced. Following the global revival of open cars, it has been the first domestically produced open model in 14 years. With an emphasis on safety, the model is such that the area around the B pillar remains as a roll bar, and the comical looks based on the turbo II wide fender body, abundant body colors of 12 colors in all, "Sun standard equipment" and "Take off" It was one of Honda's unique cars at the time, with fun topics such as "Paradise" and other commercial copies.

In the TLV-NEO series, following the City Turbo in March 2022, the City Cabriolet will appear. As with the actual vehicle, pay attention to the roll bar that remains near the pillars and the expression of the side window that is fully open. With an open body that seats four people, which is rare in Japanese cars, the interior that looks good is reproduced as much as possible. The body color is bright light blue, and the CABRIOLET decal attached to the side is also reproduced by printing.