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Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Subaru 360 (beige) 61 year model

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-New specifications for the classic 1955's car model
● Pay attention to the details that differ depending on the model year
● The engine hood opens and closes!

An early mini vehicle with a total length of 3 meters, a total width of 1.3 meters, and an engine displacement of 360cc or less, which was extremely small. Although it was said that it was impossible at that time, the first full-scale mini passenger car that appeared was the Subaru 360, which was born in 1958. It boasts an advanced structure such as an air-cooled 2-cylinder engine, a lightweight body such as a resin roof, and an original torsion bar suspension, and has a long life until 1970. The early model is known as "Demekin" because of its unique headlight shape.

In 2018, TLV developed the early model Subaru 360, which was well received, but this time the 1961 model will be released. In addition to the front bumper, which became a single model from the 1960 model, a parking lamp is installed at the rear, which is an external feature. The engine hood opens and closes, and the roof is made of the same resin as the actual car. The model has an outstanding presence while being compact with a total length of about 48 mm and stands out even on a 1/64 scale.