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Para64 1/64 1986 RUF BTR Blossom Yellow

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We know you hate prequels. The world is running out of fossil fuels, clean water and new ideas. So now we're going fuel the fire by following up our highly successful CTR series by bringing in the OG RUF.

The BTR (Gruppe B Turbo Ruf) is the Patient Zero of RUF cars, being the first model to bear a RUF specific VIN in 1983. Based on the 930 Turbo, the Ruf BTR wasted no time getting famous winning the "World's Fastest Cars" title held by Road & Track magazine in 1984.

In true PARA64 style, we are throwing a spanner amongst the pigeons and offering as our 26th casting the even more exclusive BTR Slantnose (auf Deutch: Flachbau) developed from the 948 Porsche and converted by RUF.
This was our chance to bring something less obvious to our collectors, and brings back memories of the legendary LeMans winning Porsche 935 except with space for golf clubs.

As with our other pop-up light models, we will eventually offer both configurations. Fully licensed by RUF, we include our usual free rolling wheels and separate clear parts for front and rear lights.