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Para64 1/64 1991 Cizeta V16T Pearlescent White

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1/64 scale

"I don't remember the 80's..."

By sheer coincidence, we paired 2 diametrically opposite sports cars from the 1980's for our 12th PARA64 pair of castings. On one hand, the Toyota Celica Supra was the embodiment of the People's Sports Car. Your average hardworking Joe (or Hans or Kenji) could realistically feed themselves, put a roof over their head and possibly also over their garage in which their Celica Supra and family could stay dry. And for every city of average Joes there was one Bruno for whom usual fiscal rules did not apply - in this category no Porsche Lamborghini or Ferrari would suffice. It would take the combination of renowned musical pioneer Giorgio Moroder and automobile engineer Claudio Zampolli to bring this unicorn to life. The Cizeta-Moroder V16T is hands down the most outrageous sports car ever to be realised in serial production. *Change my mind*

From the era of white leather sofas, Miami Vice and well... white everything, there could never be enough excess, making the 16 cylinder engine a perfectly sensible choice given the mission at hand. The front of the V16T is based on the Lamborghini Diablo with the rear being heavily modified to accommodate the sideways power station which was mounted transversely because reasons. With only 2 passengers with no appetite for food sitting in front of 540 HP, the performance was astounding. The numbers were only surpassed by the sheer list price of the car which at USD 650K in 1991 meant only a dozen cars were completed before the inevitable end of the party when the global economy slowed.

PARA64 is proud to bring our collectors this oddity, and will include versions for pop up lights (all 4 of them) and rear wheel tuck. Our first release will be in Pearl White and Lambo Monterey Blue and will have our rolling wheels, separate parts for lights and clean panel gaps.