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Para64 1/64 2012 RUF CTR3 Silver

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Making models is like driving the 2012 CTR3, there is no going backwards - but not because there is no rear window. With the success of our 1987 CTR Lamley Awards 2021 “Model car of the year” and the 1995 CTR2 sequel receiving the same positive reviews, we felt the CTR3 is a necessary pillar of the RUF CTR trilogy for our collectors.

In producing this mid-engined manifesto, RUF departed from previous CTR models by not basing the design on a contemporary 911. Forward of the A-pillar, the construction is from the 987 Cayman. Externally there are some shared parts with the 987/997 such as lights, doors and hood - almost everything else externally is unique to the CTR3. This is not a modified Carrera GT.

The CTR3 has been one of the most requested models by our collectors, and after seeing our own prototypes for the first time, we will be happily listen to them again. The bulging muscular rear wheel housings and baseball mound cabin silhouette are like nothing else known. Although the design is 15 years old at time of writing it still challenges you visually to the point you can hear the shape of the car.

PARA64 is proud to present the 2012 CTR3 in its winged Clubsport variant; our usual separate parts for lights, rolling wheels and precision panel gaps complete the package. Shipping June / July 2022.