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Tomica 1/64 LV-176c Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R (Red) 69

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Introducing the TOMICA LIMITED VINTAGE LV-176c NISSAN SKYLINE 2000GT-R (Red) '69! Experience the all-new version of the "Hakosuka" 4-door model, featuring two distinct characters and noteworthy variations based on the year. The third-generation C10 Skyline, famously known as the "Hakosuka," made its debut in 1968. The following year marked the beginning of the iconic "Skyline of Love" advertising campaign, while the GT-R's remarkable racing achievements established its reputation as a powerful, elegant, and unique vehicle. In 1970, the introduction of a two-door hardtop further elevated the car's popularity, and it continued to gain sales volume year after year, boasting a character rarely seen in Japanese cars. In 1972, the baton was passed on to the subsequent fourth-generation Skyline, ensuring the model's ongoing commercial success.


In the TLV series, the Hakosuka was initially released as a 4-cylinder sedan, followed by a van, a 6-cylinder 2000GT series sedan, and eventually a GT-R sedan. Now, after a considerable period, we are introducing new specifications for the 2000GT and GT-R models. The GT-R represents the 1969 model, featuring a stunning red body in the original factory color. On the other hand, the 2000GT represents the 1970 model, which underwent its first minor change, and it comes in a charming light yellow hue with a leather top. We meticulously incorporated the differences between the two, including variations in the rear wheel arch shape, grille, and bumper. Enjoy exploring the distinctive characters of each model.