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Tomica Limited Vintage 1/64 1981 Honda City R Red w/ Motocompo LV-N272a

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-City R appears after turbo and cabriolet
- Motocompo and rider figures are included!
- Characteristic fender mirror is also reproduced (user-installed parts)

The first-generation Honda City, which was born in 1981, features the "Tallboy" packaging, which allows passengers to ride with their backs upright, and secures as much interior space as possible in a compact body. The body that envelops it uses round headlights that are easy to get along with, and incorporates humorous cuteness that makes the most of its height. The rhythmical CM was also a hit, and it is still known as a car that symbolizes the 80's. Later, additional models such as High Roof, Turbo, Turbo II, and Cabriolet appeared in quick succession, and all of them became a hot topic.

In the TLV-NEO series, we commercialized the turbo in March 2022 and the cabriolet in April, both of which were well received. This time, we will add the sporty version "R" at the beginning of its debut. Also included is the trunk bike "Motocompo", which is familiar in commercials, and a figure of the rider riding it (cannot be mounted on the city).
The City R reproduces the bonnet, front bumper, grille, and genuine optional aluminum wheels that are different from the turbo. Also pay attention to the vivid coloring. Let's experience the live and fun motoring proposed by Honda in the 80's on a 1/64 scale.

*The side mirror is a user-installed part.