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Tomica Limited Vintage 1/64 2000 Toyota Corolla Van DX Silver LV-N273b

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1/64 scale

- Corolla van appeared in a new mold
-Reproduce the interior and exterior, wheels, etc. that are different from the wagon
- Realistic white and silver body color

The 7th generation 100 series Toyota Corolla, which appeared in 1991, attracted attention for its high-quality finish that surpassed the common sense of the class due to the background of the times. The van, which appeared a little later than the sedan, continued to be made even after the passenger car model was changed, and became a long-selling model that continued to be manufactured until 2002 without any major changes in style.
Corolla vans are internationally acclaimed for their high quality and durability, and you can see them in action around the world.

TLV-NEO will commercialize the Corolla Van following the wagon released in May 2022. Newly manufactured rear gate, front grille, bumper, etc. with a different shape from the late model wagon. This time, the normal specification is firmly reproduced. Details that cannot be overlooked include the plain white and silver body color, and the black bumper and steel wheels that emphasize the commercial vehicle-likeness. The 100 series Corolla van has been trusted as a light van that represents the 1990s. This is a valuable opportunity to make a miniature car, so please look forward to it.