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Tomica Limited Vintage 1/64 LV-199a Honda S600 Open Top (White)

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A prototype car was announced in 1962, and Honda's sports car was released as the S500 the following year. As the name implies, the S500 was released with a 500cc engine, but in 1964 it evolved into the S600 with an expanded displacement, and the following year it will reach the 800cc S800.

The S series, which is packed with innovative mechanisms such as a DOHC engine with a 4-unit carburetor and chain drive (up to the S800 early model), is the first Japanese car that has attracted attention from overseas automobile fans in terms of driving. It has been.

TLV commercialized the Honda S600 / S800 Coupe in 2012, but this time we will commercialize an open body. First of all, the late model of S600 is developed. The white body is premised on the open state, the rectifying plate on the windshield is integrated, the trunk carrier that was set as an option, and the trunk are attached as user-installed parts.