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Tomica Limited Vintage 1968 Nissan Skyline 2000GT Ogikubo Soul Vol.5

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One car exhibited at the Nissan booth at the 1968 Tokyo Motor Show caught the eyes of visitors.
The car exhibited under the name "Skyline 2000GT <R380 engine-equipped car>" omits the red emblem common to the hot models of the Ska G, the rear wheel arch that has been enlarged by dividing the surfing line, and the decoration. The body that was there and the usual 2000GT that was just announced had a distinctly different force.

This car was the prototype of the "Skyline 2000GT-R" released in February of the following year.
The GT-R, which was advertised as having the engine of the racing car "R380" as it is, will give birth to many legends that lead to the present.
At TLV, the specifications exhibited at the 1968 Motor Show, which can be said to be a phantom now, are reproduced.
We have created a new body with a large wheel arch and a bucket seat.
Now the wheel caps that look like a mismatch are the same as the actual car.
As the origin of GT-R, please enjoy the deep collection with the latest model.