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1/64 Tomica Limited Vintage Neo LV-N280a Honda S2000 2006 (Blue)

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-New specifications for the popular S2000
-Reproduce the details of the late model
-Opening and closing the bonnet and reproducing the engine
-Includes detachable Hard Top The S2000 is a FR sports car developed to commemorate Honda's
50th anniversary. The car name and open body that reminded
us of the S series of yesteryear, the engine that
easily revs up to 8000 rpm, and the FR drive all
differed from other Honda cars of the time.
Released in 1999, it was sold until 2009 with
several minor changes such as interior and exterior
changes and increased displacement.
Due to its unique character, it remains popular
even after the end of production.
TLV-NEO launched the early model in September 2022,
but this time we will commercialize the late model.
Reproduce the shape of the front and rear bumpers,
lights, wheels, etc. that are different from the initial model.
In addition to opening and closing the engine hood,
we will set the open hood cover and hard top parts.
The body color is available in two types,
bright blue and yellow.
Please enjoy the slightly nostalgic atmosphere of the mid-2000s.